IPS has been committed to offering world-class services to clients for more than a decade. We offer our clients and partners an array of services, ranging from technical assistance, full service construction,  turnaround management & execution, international experience and capabilities, ability to provide construction resources and more. From grass root construction to commissioning, start-up and operations & maintenance, IPS is a partner through the lifetime of a project.

International Plant Services LLC provides testing and NCCER training to our existing and newly hired  workers/employees  before they are deployed in the designated project of assignments. Training and classes include but not limited to: Welding, Mechanical, Safety and English Proficiency and are also done to ensure that the workers are the right and qualified candidates.


We offer the following services and capabilities through our Total Global Resource Service Business and Project Management Business Line:
• Policies & Procedures
• Code of Business Conduct

Safety Goals (add this under HSE ) The personal safety and health of each Employee at IPS is of primary importance.
The prevention of occupationally ¬induced injuries and illnesses is our principal purpose.
To the greatest degree possible, IPS will provide Employees a voice to management to ensure all mechanical and physical facilities required for personal safety and health are controlled and maintained in keeping with the highest standards.

In order to maintain these goals IPS:
• Develops an ongoing safety consciousness among all employees.
• Continuous efforts to prevent injury to ourselves and the company's assets;
• Avoids property loss or damage, environmental harm.
• Assists in maintaining a safe work environment.
• Makes its staff & employees understand and comply to all health and safety rules, policies, and procedures.

Safety Principles (add this under HSE )
• All staff & employees participate in health and safety training program and recognize that it is to everyone's advantage to work safely.
• Awareness of hazardous materials and knowledge of handling equipments safely and cautiously.
• Participate and train hazards measurement programs.
2Systems & Procedures
• On/Off Site Management
• Continues Improvement
• Reporting & Follow Up
3Personal Welfare
• Policies & Procedure
• Employee Welfare
• Training & Development
• Management Development Program
• Succession Planning
• Payroll Management